It’s normal to respond in a certain way to life when you feel like nothing is going the way you want or that everything you have done to make things work has turned the other way.

The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are not unique to you, only that everyone has different ways of dealing with such feelings.

When you are helpless, you feel oppressed and marginalised in whatever it is that confronts you.

When you feel hopeless, you feel stuck in that season of life and everything feels as if nothing will ever change.

You look around and there is no sign that your desires can ever be met, it’s as if you have gotten to a dead-end or lost on an island.

So let’s say you were to find yourself on an island, surrounded by wasteland, a space that echoes back your words when you try to scream for help and nature as your only companion, what will you do?

Cry until your eyes are swollen and red?

End your life once and for all?

Resign to your fate and believe this is the end of your journey?

I’m definitely not going to settle for any of those options. I’ll be devastated, to begin with. I might cry because I can be somewhat emotional when life throws me off balance but knowing myself, I’ll not settle for it or resign to fate.

In the same way, when you are confronted with a challenging situation, what you must do is to do what will get you out of that situation as soon as possible or help you live through it without caving in.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 7 things you should do if you find yourself feeling helpless and hopeless

Accept your feelings for what they are

Start by accepting what you feel. A lot of people try to hide how they feel because they don’t want to appear weak before others.

Even if you won’t go crying to everyone you know, you have to accept your feelings.

Life happens or like my friend, Vicky will say, sh** happens. Denial is a flight mechanism, rather than deny your current state of mind, embrace the reality in good faith.

Acknowledge your current condition

Imagine me saying that I was not lost on an island just so I’ll sound optimistic. How illogical?

Growing up, when we fall sick, some people will say they are well as a sign of being positive. It never sat down well with me.

There is nothing wrong with saying, right now I’m in a fix, I don’t feel really good about my challenges but I know I’ll be fine.

Don’t try to deny that you are passing through turbulence or a season of hardship. If there is no problem, solutions would never exist in the world.

Talk to God about the situation

The fastest way to find help and hope is to go to God himself. Telling people about what you are going through is nice if you have those who can listen and give you good counsel.

But in a situation where you don’t even know how you got into this mess, you might as well engage God in it.

Ask God to lead you to know his will concerning your situation

For every challenge that knocks on our doorstep, God has an interest and a purpose for it.

I’ve learned from my own life that if we know what God wants to achieve with the good and bad that happens to us, we will be more equipped to stay anchored and walk with him to perfect it.

We will also not lose hope or feel that we are helpless. God can be trusted to show you the blueprint for each season of your life when it’s critical to help you stay on track. Ask. Seek. Knock. Until you get a response.

Ask for a way out

After you know what God wants to achieve through your situation, don’t stop there, go ahead and ask how you are going to pull through it, what you must do to make it easier to forebear and move to the next agenda.

Make plans and take an action

You don’t suspend your senses because you are a child of God. And you cannot break the order in which things and events happen.

That is why you must subject yourself to planning and take action to get out of your bad situation.

Imagine if I asked God how he would save me from the island and he told me that he will send help but didn’t mention what specific way it will work out.

Instead of sitting in one corner admiring the tropical palms and hating that I have to wait until whenever this help comes, I could build a shelter, find some fruits and make myself happy by playing with the early birds and butterflies.

I could explore my surroundings and know more about the tropicals.

I might find a stream nearby where I could wash my clothe and who knows what I might learn in my short stay.

Keep an open mind to solutions

Most times, we want the solution to our challenges to be or come in a specific way but God has other intentions for us.

Back to my Island story. There is the possibility that I may have to stay there for days or weeks.

One morning I wake up and find a fine young man wandering near my shelter with a backpack.

By instinct, I am not comfortable, I want to leave here but what is this? To make matters worse, he decides to squat with me.

OMG, I don’t like that too but what I didn’t see was that he is not lost as I am and after one week when his fellow team of explorers arrive, I get to leave the island.

The way and means you may be expecting help and a ray of hope to shine on your situation may not be how it will play out. Be open-minded and alert.

And while you are doing all of these, rekindle your hope and never stop believing that your breakthrough will come just at the right time.

One final thought, while we all want to get out of tacky and turbulent situations ASAP, we who believe in Yahweh must never forget that waiting and patience could be God’s response to us.

The world has turned us into impatient folks who despise waiting. But God would have us learn how to wait because it builds our character.

Always remember this when you don’t get an immediate solution to your life’s challenges. Waiting and patience may be the solution at this very moment.

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  • December 22, 2021