I’m not so good at bios but I’ll try. Just for you.

If there was something I wanted so badly as a child, it was finding an antidote to end death.

When I lost my uncle at age ten, my innocence was shattered. I felt the numbing ache of loss like an adult and grieved for many years with unending WHY questions.

This would become the beginning of acquainting myself with a world of broken dreams and internal struggles.

My journey to adulthood was full of striving to be self-independent, to grasp the meaning of life and be a somebody in the big picture.

It was also one where I’ve made tons of mistakes and faced shame for being someone striving to live the life of Jesus. I struggled with my faith, finding happiness, getting over addiction, anxiety, and many emotional rollercoasters that comes with adulting.

While I felt lost and wearied by it all, God reached out to me and offered me his friendship and leadership, one Iā€™m learning to embrace every day. I am one of the wanderers, the ones that God finds in the pastureland, the Matt 11:28 folks but also the Phil 3:10ā€“11 and Hab 3:17ā€“18 devotees.

Storytelling and writing are how I reflect and empty the light in me for those like myself who need the healing, harmony, and hope that only Jesus can give. I am just your friend on the journey.

Roots & Roads Journal

I journal via my blog where I share the tidbits of my journey, thoughts about things I care about, and whatever is worth sharing. It’s a cozy space to empty myself while bringing the light to the tunnel for others who are disconnected, broken or simply looking for a kindred soul.

Writing for Teens

I was surrounded by stories while growing up and I sometimes find myself wanting to write for that child that I was. So, why not. I hope to write stories parents or anyone after God’s heart would be happy to get their teens without worry of getting exposed to worldly and harmful concepts.

digital Life Consultant/Copywriter

I am an online buff and I care about communication, storytelling and user experience. I want to help brands communicate better and help people make the best decision in their digital experiences. Consulting and writing conversion content are ways I serve my audience. Catch me on LinkedIn.

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