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I get it. Sometimes, God is the enemy and our pains justified. Playing back on my experience as a child dealing with loss and feelings of resentment against God, this eBook invites you to unravel what’s irking you about GOD and maybe make peace.

Hey there,

Esther here!

Friend. Voyager. Writer.

I’m your next-door neighbor who stays indoors all day, lost in her world but ready to flank her doors wide open for a chat or to give a cup of hope. I’m like a traveling soul using stories to find and spread healing, harmony, and hope along the way. I’ve felt disconnected and lost most of my life and now, I can only say, welcome to my new world where I’m figuring how to live again. I hope you find a home here.

New Story, Summer 2024

When dying is inevitable, a family’s secret will shake up everyone. Will a mother stop her child’s dreams because of a past attachment? Will a sister’s sacrifice change the hands of destiny? In this Christian fantasy novel, sit tight and embrace your emotions because they will pour.

Speaking Request

In the things God has helped us, we must learn to freely help others. I’d be honored to speak or facilitate at your church or organization’s event, retreat, camp, conference, or Bible study.

Nnedinma and the Secret Gallery

When eleven-year-old Nnedinma strayed to Madam Emezie’s yard, she wasn’t prepared for what she’d find in an abandoned underground studio. Will she unearth the secret everyone has been gossiping about?

Releases December 1.

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