Every one of us needs to shut down the virtual community sometime for various reasons.

Yours might be to detox because good Lord, they can be a lot of residue from bad news, negativity, noise and lots that you need to empty yourself of. Going offline becomes a form of self-help therapy.

Or you may be at a point in your life when you need to make an important decision and need to get away from the noise.

It could also be that you just need to take a break and breathe, go do some fun offline things or have a personal hiatus for your ethics and mental health sake.

Whatever your reasons, I’m a huge fan of taking a social media break from time to time. In this article, I’ll show you how to go about it to get maximum return.

What is your reason?

Always have a reason for taking a social media break so that the same reason will help you stick to your goal.

How long will it last?

There are different lengths for taking a social media break which can go from hours to months or even years.

Types of social media breaks you can take

There are degrees of how long you want to stay offline depending on your peculiar needs. See some of them.

Lifelong break

So, you are saying farewell to the bird app, Mark Zuckerberg and the gram, LinkedIn et al., for real. Hey old offline world, here I come to romance you. This type of social media break could happen because you are moving to the next stage of life and don’t want online interference and it is fine. Go on, have a good life offline.

Yearly break

Hey vacation, staycation and baecation. Did I miss any? So, you may just decide that your yearly vacation or summer season or any season is a good time to go offline for a while so that you can focus on what you need to focus on—enjoyment.

Other times, it may be a month or months-long personal retreat—hallelujah. Whichever reason, may it be a splendid experience.

And if it is any va-stay-bae-cation, don’t forget to take pictures so that we can awwnnn and ogle when you come back.

Monthly breaks

You may pick certain months as your offline months so that you can meet up with your schedule or project deadline. I love to go offline if I need to meet an important transitioning deadline for a goal or project.

Weekly/daily/hourly breaks

You can pick a certain week or day or hours in a month, week and days respectively to stay offline.

For instance, some industry experts don’t come online until it’s 4 pm and stay offline once it’s 8 pm.

It’s a matter of choice, discipline and what works for you. As a writer, I figured that staying offline until in the evening is very helpful for my productivity.

What can you take a social media break for?

I’ll just highlight a few things you may need a social media break to focus on
Your academics especially during exams and the few weeks leading up to them.

Career milestone

Are you transitioning into a new career? It may be apt to take a break to sort out your new position, settle in and find your balance first.

Social media has a way of distracting you, making you spend time mindlessly scrolling through different platforms when you should be doing setup work for your new role at work.


Your yearly vacation may be more memorable if you are not trying to share on the go with your online audience. Rather you should BE IN THE MOMENT, pay attention to the activities and those you are with. Then later, share the pictures with us.

Spiritual retreats

Taking a personal or group retreat, you might want to focus on keeping distractions away.

Special occasions and seasons

Special occasions such as wedding period, childbirth, after an operation, mourning a loved one, etc.

For any other purpose

Sometimes, you need to be by yourself, away from the noise and pollution to figure out life, detoxify your mind or pursue something you have been procrastinating for ages; such as: preparing for a new life in another city, during a period of applying for further study or at the start of a new season in your life. You don’t have to justify to us why you needed a break.

What if your business is online?

This is the biggest challenge for anyone whose business or career needs them to be online. But nothing is impossible, you just need to inform your clients ahead.

You are not running away from civilization, so they can always call if it’s important.

Your email works right, so, what are we talking about.

Also, if you run a separate social account for your business, you can deactivate activities on your personal account while your business account stays active.

What about people who will assume you are online?

Leave them a message that you are not available until a certain date but they can drop their message and you’ll reply when you are back. Most social media platforms these days have a setting for such automated messages.

That is how you turn off your data and take a refreshing social media break. Trust me, you’ll not miss much because, at the end of the day, your well-being is what counts.

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Thanks for reading.

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  • December 22, 2021