I woke up thinking I’ll cry like other times,
When I think about you,
But when I searched deep,
I felt the memories of you escaping my mind,
Like vapours sipping away from grey rocks,
It didn’t use to be like this,
All the pain and bruises you caused to my mind,
They lived with me for a while,
I never thought I’d heal and forgive and breathe like I now do,

But here we are, several weeks upon weeks,
I remember all you did,
And how much I wished that you did them differently,
I remember how I thought highly about you,
How I thought your face would be,
The best thing I’d wake up to in the mornings,
That someday, your smile would become joy,
And your voice would make me flutter,

But now,
All that has become just another mistake of my love story,
I wish I never gave you a reason to come into my heart, head,
And played me as you did,
I wish I stood up to your whims,
Instead of letting my innocent heart dream,
If someone told me someday I’ll look back,
And feel nothing about you,
Not pain, not hurt, not betrayal,
I’d have christened them a liar,

But here I sit,
Hovering over this white ceramic bowl,
Filled with water,
And when I search my heart and head for all the places you used to live,
They’re empty of you,

And for once, I smile, knowing now, that my emotions,
All of it that I held so precious about you,
Are bare, stark, naked, pure and waned,
I no more think of you,
As the one who hurt me,
I know you are dead and I’ve cried enough,

My life will rise,
Because now I can breathe,
When my mind wanders to the past,
All the places you used to live,
Now filled with the thought of a future,
Where I’d meet the one,
The one who deserves to live,
In this heart.

You died well: hater!

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  • December 22, 2021