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You need the best hands to make your ideas come alive on those brown pages … or are they white pages these days?

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Putting a book together all by yourself can be stressful, slow and draining.

You can easily lose steam and give up if you feel weary, plus the time and thoughts that goes into crafting an excellent book … tell me about it!

I’ve walked this path and can tell you when it comes to getting things done—the writing process—you need two of these three experts:

—A book coach, or

—A ghostwriter

—A copyeditor

A book coach will:

  • Show you how to plan and write your book from start to finish so you cut down the time spent guessing how to do it by yourself
  • Give you the right writing template and tools that will help you get your book ready in four months
  • Take you through a pre-writing brush-up session on basic writing rules, techniques and conventions that will make your book stand out
  • Assess your first draft and show you what to improve on from a reader’s and editor’s point of view


A ghostwriter will:

  • Help you find the soul of your book and amplify it
  • Create a book writing plan to help you write your book on a good deadline
  • Extract book-worthy content through interviews and research
  • Craft a near-perfect draft of your book and work with you to amp it
  • Deliver the most excellent version of your book that will give you new bragging rights and help you serve more people through your experience and knowledge


A copyeditor  will:

  • Help you amp your ideas and make your content jump off the page
  • Give you a critical and detailed makeover that leaves that manuscript snatched and decked up to deliver
  • Take your author game to the heavens, a bookish cloud nine where everything flows in a seamless rhythm from grammar to punctuation to structure, to style, to language and so much more


Wouldn’t you agree that these are smarter ways to spin your stories,  those unforgettable experience, and knowledge into an excellent book that will help you:

  • Impact someone’s life
  • Increase your business visibility and public profile
  • Establish your authority and credibility as a leader in your niche—think thought-leadership status
  • Get new clients and business opportunities
  • Get booked for paid speaking engagements
  • Create more channels of new income streams


The great thing is…

With over seven years of experience as a wandering writer, doing all sorts of experiment with my career, plus two years of active professional experience that has helped me work with lots of first-time authors, I can help you spin your goals into a book you’ll be proud to own.

So, what say you?

Think we can jump on a clarity call to see if our energy will vibe?

You darn right! Let’s do it…

Ooh no. I forgot to tell you—

This call is on me. Think of it as a me-you date and I’m doing the spending. Just say yes and it’s done.

And guess what? If you love how it goes, we might go on more dates…okay, project dates, so my boyfriend doesn’t get jealous. If not, we’ll hug and say goodbyes without tears.

Clients Said It

Esther is a phenomenal book editor endowed with the gift to elevate the quality of any manuscript. She's reliable, responsible and talented.
Hauwa Bala